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Thank you for checking out the City!

We look forward to your visit!

Kiddie City House

Enjoy some fine home-cooked dining in the Kiddie City custom-designed kitchen.

Kiddie City Living Room

Unwind before a cozy fire in our comfy living room.

Kiddie City Park

Climb, slide and play all day in Carabella's Park!

Kiddie City Park

Count the fun times away in Carabella's Park

Kiddie City Fire Truck

After a long day fighting the good fight, these firemen are pooped! Time for a nap!

Kiddie City Fire Department

The KCFD makes sure its hard workers are protected with the best fire gear around!

Kiddie City Fire Department

Who says fires can't be fought fashionably -- hooray for green tutus!

Kiddie City Fire Department

Kiddie City Fire Department has a custom-built fleet

Kiddie City Art Room

Come make a masterpiece in our inspiring art classroom

Kiddie City Trampoline

Boing, boing, boing! Kiddie City's trampoline keeps little jumpers on their feet!

Kiddie City Matted Classroom

Bright, soft mats make the perfect space for music classes and the New Mommy Support Group. Plus, plenty of fun to be had even when there's no class in session!

Kiddie City Tunnels

Much adventure to be had burrowing through the tunnels of the matted classroom!

Kiddie City Main Area

Have a party, take a nap in the reclining lounge chairs, have a cup of coffee ... so much to do, so little time ...

Kiddie City Zoo

Exotic creatures from all over the land inhabit the Kiddie City Zoo!

Kiddie City Zoo

At Kiddie City, we encourage you to feed the animals!

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