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Open Play: Kiddie City features child-sized businesses and thematic play areas that are filled with infinite opportunities for creative play and exploration.  The City is open for open play Everyday, 10:00am – 7:00pm (please call on weekends to find out if a party has been reserved).  The prices* for Open Play are as follows:


  • $12 for the 1st child (includes two adults; applies to crawlers and above)

  • $8 for each additional child in the same family (applies to crawlers and above)

  • $5 for 3rd adult in party and above

  • $50 Pure Play! membership (unlimited play during open hours; subject to restrictions)


* Beginning 2/1/20, due to the rising costs of merchant services fees, all credit card transactions will incur a $.50 fee.


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Groupon Policy: We allow (1) Groupon per party/group.  You may not redeem 2 groupons on your phone. You may give one groupon as a gift, but that gift cannot be used on the same day. Beginning 2/1/2020, we will no longer accept Groupons on Saturdays and Sundays after 2PM.  


Field Trips: Choose Kiddie City for your next Field Trip and you will have use of a 3700 square foot location where your students will enjoy pretend play, and you can encourage learning through exploration.  Kiddie City is a secure environment, where caregivers can easily keep track of students who can roam freely without the worry of getting lost in anything other than their imaginations.  Schools are welcome to allow children to eat lunch during the field trip before or after they play--we will set up tables and chairs just for your group!  We look forward to hosting you and your students!  Field trips of 10 kids or fewer are available anytime but require advance notice; exclusive-use field trips are typically only offered on Mondays-Fridays at 10:00AM. 




Play Dates/Homeschool Meet-ups: Kiddie City knows that parents of infants and young children who stay at home and homeschoolers go to great lengths to make sure that homeschooled students have the opportunity to socialize with other kids and learn by doing.  You all are are welcome to schedule play dates and homeschool meet-ups at Kiddie City!  When you do, you will have a private table reserved in our lounge which will allow you to talk and get to know each other, as well as be a home base while kids are exploring within the City limits! Just let us know you're coming via email or phone!

Kiddie City Policy/Municipal Code


1.     To help ensure the health of all visitors to the City, please do not bring sick children to play in the City or              send sick adults to watch them!    

2.     Socks must be worn at all times within the City Limits.  Shoes may be worn ONLY in the                                          reception/lounge/party area and restrooms.

3.     Food may be consumed in the reception/lounge/party area.

4.     Children must be accompanied by an adult 18 years or older at all times.  If at any time a supervising                  adult needs to leave the City, they must take any children they brought with them – even for a few                        minutes.  

5.     Siblings who are not yet crawling are welcome to enter the City for free.

6.     Visitors to Kiddie City enter and play at their own risk. 

7.     Visitors smelling like smoke of any kind will be refused admission to Kiddie City.  

8.     Children may not engage in rough play, bully other children or destroy Kiddie City property.     

         Supervising adults are asked to carefully watch children to ensure that this rule is followed. Kiddie City               staff is not responsible for supervising your child, unless during Flex-care. 

9.      Parties may not be hosted during open play hours without prior notice and reservation. Open Play                         "Impromptu Parties" without prior notice will be shut down immediately.  

10.    Children may not be dropped off at the facility to await pick-up or supervision by someone else unless                 during Flex-care.

11.    Any adult using profanity will be asked to leave and will not be issued a refund. 

12.    If your child is potty training or there is ANY chance they will have an accident while in the play area,                   please use the FREE Pull-ups provided by Kiddie City prior to entering. There will be a $25.00 clean-up               fee assessed if your child has an accident while on the playground.


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