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What We Are


Kiddie City is a children's indoor playground for children ranging from crawlers to 7 years old.  We also offer stimulating classes for parents and children up to age 9. Kiddie City opened its doors in the Leimert Park neighborhood of Los Angeles on September 7, 2015 and was borne out of the idea that all children deserve access to a local, safe, clean play area that stimulates the mind. 


Here’s what happens on a typical day at Kiddie City: the produce, cereal and pastries children load into their grocery carts in Pat’s Grocery & Bakery end up in the house, where children take their purchases to prepare dinner for the family. In the custom-built fire truck, children who work for the KCFD wear fire fighter uniforms and race off to help rescue cats from trees. In the police station, barbershop, beauty shop, zoo, park and other places in the City, children pretend play and recreate all the fun things they watch adults do … and, some things they wish adults would do!


While the children are playing, adults can relax or get work done while enjoying free WiFi.


Parents looking to host parties or schools looking for their next field trip location need look no further. Kiddie City can be reserved during the week for field trips and for parties on weekends. When booking a field trip or party at Kiddie City, groups get the entire 3700 square foot facility to themselves.



 Play * Parties * Possibilities *  We can’t wait for your adventure to begin!

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